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Full Service Interior Design

What does full service interior design really mean?

In my experience every client has different requirements and needs concerning their project.  Some people can visualize their space but most people cannot. 

A complete set of plans including 3-D renderings will enable the client to experience the space.  I will offer guidelines and a plan of action. 

There are many solutions to a problem and our job is to find the one that fits best.

Good design begins with a solid floor plan.  Once that is established, we build from the floor up.  For a kitchen, the appliances drive the final layout.  Once those selections are made the floor plan falls into place.   

A color palette evolves from the selections of the flooring materials, cabinetry finishes, countertops, appliances, wall coverings or paint and various accent pieces.  These selections usually establish the style and “look” the client desires even if the client was unable to initially identify their taste whether it is traditional, eclectic or contemporary in nature. 

The engineering begins with the cabinet and appliance layout.  Electrical, plumbing, and lighting plans take shape as the overall design unfolds.  Fixtures are selected including the sinks, faucetry, lighting, and hardware. 

Countertop drawings are made and backsplashes are designed, and special accent walls become the icing on the cake, most notably are the hoods over the cooktops and ranges.  Detailed installation drawings are generated for the subcontractors and installers, and then scheduling begins. 

I have outlined a basic plan of action for a kitchen, but the same process is followed for a bathroom, or any other room.

When planning an entertainment center, the components, whether existing or new, will drive the final design.

My job as the interior designer is to take all the options and guarantee a classic final design.

As the interior designer, I will guide you in making your project a success in function and aesthetic integrity.

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