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Congratulations on taking the first step to making your project a reality!

As you begin your journey into remodeling or new construction, you may wonder just how to start and where to go for answers and assistance. You will have many questions over the course of your project.

There will be decisions to make, product to select and details to review. As your partner in this undertaking, Margo Leitz Interior Design LLC will be there with you to help you make your project proceed as smoothly as possible.

We’d also like to give you some tips and information that should help in making this adventure just a little easier.

We want you to be prepared!

Even the best plans encounter a few bumps in the road, but we will help to minimize them with careful planning, a dedicated team and a lot of patience. We are confident that the results will make the journey well worth the effort.

Not all of the information provided below will apply specifically to your project; but it will provide you with some insight regarding the processes we follow to make your project a success.

Every project begins with a DESIGN.  This is where you need to be sure it all “fits well” and “feels right” for you.

  • Analyze them and check to see if your ideas will actually fit in the space you have available. Now is the time to make any refinements you may have in mind. Ask a lot of questions! Most importantly, be comfortable with the choices you make, you may be living with them for quite a while.
  • Once the design process is completed and signed off, it is time to place your order. Cabinets, countertops, flooring, glass, construction services, etc...should all be ordered at the same time. This helps limit gaps in scheduling and provides all parties with an overall picture of the project.
  • Margo Leitz Interior Design LLC requires a deposit of 50% of the original contract amount before orders can be placed. The remaining balance is due prior to the delivery of cabinets. Any addendums or changes to the contract that require the ordering of additional product, must be paid in full before the order can be processed.
  • Once orders are placed, your project will be forwarded to Scheduling and Project Management. Most projects require the use of several different sub-contractors. Many of these sub-contractors schedule 4–6 weeks in advance.
  • Since a project typically flows in a specific order, schedules offer very little flexibility. Canceling any one of your deliveries may result in the delay of your entire project. Additional trip charges or rescheduling fees may also be incurred, depending on the sub-contractor.
  • If for some reason you cannot be present when a delivery/install is scheduled, please be prepared to have a trusted representative available or arrange to have a key available.
  • Please note that typically the cabinets will be delivered and distributed in the appropriate rooms 1-3 days prior to the actual installation.
  • To assist in the installation, all furniture and house wares need to be moved out of the workspace before the installers arrive. In general, anything that might impede their work should be removed
  • The homeowners (or contractor) are responsible for arranging a delivery date and a separate installation date for their new appliances. We require that the appliances be on site prior to the first day of cabinet installation, but the appliance company cannot actually connect them until the install of the cabinetry is complete.
  • Hardware needs to be on-site the day cabinet install begins.
  • If you are purchasing your countertop through us, be aware that there is a general manufacturing time of 2-5 weeks between the time of template measuring and installation.
  • All sinks must be on-site the day of countertop template. We prefer ALL plumbing be there by that time.
  • Occasionally there are unforeseen construction costs, which are not detected until the existing cabinetry has been removed. Plumbing may need to be rerouted, electrical, etc. These unknowns are not included in our original design estimates and may require an addendum.
  • When the install of your cabinetry nears completion, you will need to walk the job with the installer so that any concerns can be addressed at that time. All listed homeowners should be prepared to do this walk-through at the same time. If any product needs to be reordered, a follow-up appointment will be made after all products have arrived.
  • If doing a self-install you (or a trusted representative) must inspect all cabinetry at the time of delivery. Our company will not leave cabinetry unless someone is present to inspect it.
  • Paperwork will be provided for any repair/replacement concerns. If any product needs to be reordered you will be notified as soon as it arrives. Pick up or delivery arrangements need to be clarified before that time.
  • Due to different tax structures pricing is different for self-installs.

Remember, we want this project to have a lasting impression on you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are here to make this process an exciting one.

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